A Professional Teacher of the Arts

Helen Nadel is a teacher of the arts. She works with children age 3 to 18.
Her Institute is located in Orange, CA.


Most children can step up and express themselves. Even when shy, a lot of kids empowered by their own television watching can get out of themselves enough to interact with the camera.


Helen Nadel is a master at empowerment. Helen Nadel enjoys working with children who are at times fidgety or shy. Yet, Helen Nadel sometimes has to turn down kids who are unable to follow directions, and too shy to be able to function within the outstanding environment Helen Nadel created with outstanding instructors who work in film, television, commercial and print.

Helen indeed owns the leading acting institution in personal growth for children.


Helen Nadel has had amazing fun working within the rewarding environment she owns, which gives the children a huge advantage in a world where speech and diction is so paramount! She is a Shakespearian trained actor, ad comes from the French “Theatre” environment, which is the late 90s exploded on stage within the French equivalent of Broadway. Helen Nadel’s instructors work at the same level of expertise and have enjoyed continuous work at thehighest acting and production levels in the industry.


Television says Helen Nadel is a different animal than film is. The basic skills are the same, the delivery is different. Helen and her outstanding instructors, offer an evaluation process which is not “un-crackable” like Helen Nadel says herself. It is actually easier than it seems, she claims. Kids make it in, in impressive enough numbers. But still she adds sadly, it is not for every child.